Um estranho aqui cheguei

Pedro Calapez, Alexandre Conefrey


The exhibition Um estranho aqui cheguei connects the work of Pedro Calapez and Alexandre Conefrey with Wilhelm Müller’s poem “The Winter Journey”. This poem, which in 1827 was adapted for a composition of 24 arrangements by Franz Schubert, is characterized by a series of reflections of a winter traveller, oscillating around the mismatches of his affective relationships. Imbued with a romantic spirit, the subject describes a group of gloomy landscapes that reflect a bitter spirit and serve as a motto for an analogy between the fragility of the human condition, and the expression that nature acquires. More than proceeding to a visual or pictorial translation of “Winterreise”, which serves as a motto and not as a gauge, the work is based on a poetic wandering that crosses the framing of the poem, the authorial dialogue and the relationship between the content and the place where the exhibition takes place. Starting from the idea of travel and the projection of the individual in nature, the works on view in this exhibition celebrate the contemplation of movement, of landscape and of a state of soul, privileging the notion of Angst, from Heidegger to Kierkegaard.

The exhibition Um estranho aqui cheguei will be accompanied by an illustrated catalogue featuring texts by the exhibition curator Sérgio Fazenda Rodrigues, José Gil and Nuno Vieira de Almeida. Design by Vera Velez.

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