Boavista Gallery

The Boavista Gallery is located in an old part of city. The gallery building is of late-18th and early-19th century construction and has undergone significant changes, which arose gradually over time through shifts in function and prevailing aesthetic trends. In 1910, a project of alterations gave rise to the current façade and the configuration and red iron ornamentation of the entrance and shop window, today a gallery.

Alberto Carlos Florentino, the building’s owner, originally used the ground floor as a jeweller’s. In 1946, Sociedade de Aços e Metais, Lda. established itself in the building’s store space and 1st floor, which also form part of the Boavista Gallery today. The Lisbon City Council (CML) acquired the building from the company Acail in 2000 and, between 2004 and 2009, works of improvement, rehabilitation and requalification were undertaken. Following these refurbishments, the gallery was ceded by the CML to various entities and cultural agents that developed programming until 2016, including exhibitions, performances, concerts, among other activities. During this period, the Boavista Gallery also acted as the gallery space of NOTE – Galeria de Arquitetura e Syntax.

In 2016, Boavista Gallery was integrated into the group of Municipal Galleries/EGEAC, joining the four other galleries in that group: Quadrum Gallery, Pavilhão Branco, Torreão Nascente da Cordoaria Nacional and the Avenida da Índia Gallery.

The Boavista Gallery is installed in the same building as the Boavista Residences.

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