Changing of Material Conditions

Karin Schneider

As part of the exhibition “Footnote 15: A Prototype”, on view at Galerias Municipais – Galeria da Boavista through April 30, participating artist Karin Schneider of Union Gaucha Productions will deliver a keynote lecture on her practice and aesthetic experiences that connect us to the present moment.

There is an ethical/aesthetic responsibility in the act of creating/supporting/promoting a system/work/thought in the context in which we are living. Our body is tearing itself apart for various reasons and the 20th century art model no longer produces a relief because it is an obsolete model. What kind of aesthetic experience makes us feel connected to the present and to a certain experience of being alive in the world today? Certainly an experience that offers us more of a sense of fragmentation and dissonance, that expands our perception to a place we don’t yet know and are not yet used to. How to extrapolate the subject/object aesthetic experience and from a sensation of contemplation and ideal completeness to an experience that also offers us a sensation of rethinking the place we occupy in the world, and from a sensation of being out of place? What would be the creation of a diagrammatic aesthetic experience? It seems that it is from this place that we have to articulate thoughts/works. It is about this space that Karin Schneider will be speaking about on April 28th.
Via zoom. This event is planned to take place in Portuguese language.

Karin Schneider is a Brazilian artist, teacher and filmmaker based in New York. Her practice is situated in the creation of different systems. Schneider thinks of the condition of an artist as an intrinsically collective being. In 1997, Schneider co-founded Union Gaucha Productions (UGP), an experimental film company designed to realize interdisciplinary collaborations with professionals from different fields. From 2005 to 2008, she was a founding member of Orchard Gallery, a gallery cooperatively organized by a group of artists in New York’s Lower East Side. From 2010 to 2014, Schneider co-founded Cage, a space that facilitated practices of “negation” through the constant rearrangement of social interactions. In 2019, along with a group of people, she co-founded Ortvi, an online platform for artists and programmers working with “time-based media” practices.” Schneider has been a critic at the Yale School of Art since 2018, and also teaches at CCS Bard College.

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Curated by
– 30.04.2022
Footnote 15: A Prototype
Ana Cardoso, Union Gaucha Productions (Karin Schneider, Nicolás Guagnini), Eileen Quinlan, Jorge Pinheiro, Igor Krenz, Józef Robakowski, Monika Sosnowska, Tomás Cunha Ferreira
Barbara Piwowarska
Boavista Gallery