Degrees of Abstraction

Sara Rodrigues

Performance by Sara Rodrigues, derived from the artist’s installation at Pavilhão Branco.

Degrees of Abstraction is a performance in parts, which unfolds in analogy to each viewer’s desire for enquiry. Departing from a cemented floor, the author and performer proposes a break, unveiling abstract graphics, with contents that become increasingly concrete. From straight lines to extensive patches, the evolving processes going on between us and the earth are to be encountered, revealing thus varying degrees of separation.


Curated by
– 31.08.2021
On the edge of the landscape comes the world
Bruno Côrte, Ção Pestana, Carolina Vieira, Dayana Lucas, Duarte Ferreira, Filipa Martins, Hélder Folgado, Hugo Brazão, Hugo Olim, Joana Viveiros, Mariana Marote, Miguel Ângelo Martins, Nuno Henrique, Ricardo Barbeito, Sara Rodrigues, Tiago Casanova, Vítor Magalhães
Collective of Curators from the Post-Graduate Course in Art Curatorship at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, NOVA University of Lisbon
Pavilhão Branco