Film screening “Happy Lamento” (2018, 90’)

Alexander Kluge

After more than 20 years, Alexander Kluge returns to the big screen. His cheerful lamentation connects the informal urban settlements of Manila with Elvis Presley and King Kong. When Heiner Müller muses on the moon, Helge Schneider on the orchestration of space and Peter Berling on the military benefits of lions, one is most likely in a film by Alexander Kluge. He connects in his (music) film, associatively as well as playful, the G20 summit with the circus, electric elephants and blue moons. The film was created in cooperation with the Filipino film director Khavn de La Cruz, excerpts from his film ‘Alipato: The Very Brief Life of an Ember’ (2016) provide the sound of the essay.


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– 08.09.2019
Parting with the Bonus of Youth – Maumaus as object | a solo show by Maumaus
Avenida da Índia Gallery