Ilha dos Negros- African presence in Portugal

Associação Cultural e Juvenil Batoto Yetu Portugal

A guided tour by coach and 12km walk through the Sado Nature Reserve in memory of and in tribute to the various African peoples who passed through there. This region maintains an ancestral presence of various African peoples, including Roman troops composed of Africans, Moors and African caliphs from Morocco and the Senegambia region, as well as enslaved people from Guinea and Angola. The Sado region and its villages are the ones that preserve the memory of this African heritage of various social strata and conditions in its genetics, gastronomy, architecture and toponymy.

Additional information:

Meeting point at 7.45am at Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, with departure from Lisbon scheduled for 8am. Expected arrival time on return is 5pm. The visit includes a full meal after the walk. For detailed information, please email

Batoto Yetu Portugal is a youth and cultural association that works with children and young people who are interested in African culture and who may come from disadvantaged backgrounds. The association’s philosophy is based on the belief that, regardless of each person’s socioeconomic conditions, learning about and valuing their cultural roots is an essential factor to consolidate their self-esteem and sense of belonging.

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