Impromptu Poetry Recital

António Poppe

Impromptu Poetry Recital is a performance action during which the artist António Poppe presents a set of poems, developed around the exhibition “I arrived as a stranger”. Poppe’s work reflects the nature of the literary work Winterreise / Viagem de Inverno, by Wilhelm Müller, which is the basis of the exhibition, as well as artists Pedro Calapez and Alexandre Conefrey’s reading and development of it. Likewise, exploring the notion of dialogue between authors, Poppe’s participation is an inherent element of the exhibition concept, thus expanding towards yet another form of expression.

António Poppe (1968, Lisbon) is a visual artist, poet, performer, who lives and works in Lisbon. He studied at Ar.Co (Centre for Art and Visual Communication), at the Royal College of Art in London and at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a scholarship from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Fundação Luso Americana para o Desenvolvimento where he completed an MA in Performance Art and Film. He develops a hybrid work of poetry and visual arts and has been published by Assírio & Alvim (“Torre de Juan Abad”, 2001), Documenta (“Livro da Luz”, 2012) and Douda Correria (“medicin.” in 2015 and “come coral” in 2017). He has performed and/or exhibited at Museu de Serralves, Galeria ZDB, Galeria 111, Culturgest, Fundação Carmona e Costa, among others. In 2015 he participated in “Oracular Spectacular – Desenho e Animismo”, at Centro de Artes José de Guimarães (CIAJG); in 2017 he exhibited “Watercourse” at Galeria 111, with Joana Fervença, and participated in “Encontros para Além da História”, following the title “As Magias” (CIAJG). The following year he collaborated with Mumtazz in the 6th edition of “Encontros para Além da História”, this time on the theme “The Birth of Art” (d’après Georges Bataille), also at CIAJG; he collaborated with musa paradisiaca in “Collaboration”, curated by Filipa Oliveira at Quetzal Art Centre in Jachthuis Schijf, Holland.

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Curated by
– 14.11.2021
Um estranho aqui cheguei
Pedro Calapez, Alexandre Conefrey
Sérgio Fazenda Rodrigues
Pavilhão Branco