Noites de Verão [Summer Nights]

Danifox, G Fema, Nídia, Rabu Mazda, Tristany


Filho Único proposed to five young musicians from the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon whose work we admire to get involved in an artistic residency at Bairro Alto. The purpose of the residency was to put together an unprecedented collaborative show that would consist of new original music.
In our view, the group shares an expression and practice that develops in the cultivation of mixed rhythms, sounds and spoken word that yearn for astonishment rather than deception, and that is geared towards a decolonization of imagination.

Tristany started in the infrastructure of Portuguese rap, took a break, made the diagnosis of its strengths and constraints, and moved forward and into the conditioned terrain of suburban representation in popular music in Portugal Tristany released the audio-visual work “Meia Riba Kalxa” during the summer of 2020. His original compositions realize the sound and identity of someone who was born longing for the future.

Nídia is an internationally acclaimed producer and DJ of Afro-Portuguese electronic music based in Vale da Amoreira. As part of the label and collective Príncipe Discos she has played a decisive role, both as an individual artist and as a member of the cultural community from which her music stems. Nídia is bringing ethical and aesthetic sophistication to an emerging alternative system of electronic dance music globally.

G Fema is a charismatic MC from Zona M, Chelas, recognized as one of the most important creative voices in Portuguese street style rap, rhyming in criolo sampadjudo, and active for over a decade.

Danifox is an Afro-Portuguese electronic music producer and vocalist, who recently returned to Linha de Sintra after a season abroad in Leeds. Danifox is a member of the Tia Maria Produções crew, and published solo EPs on the US label Point Records.

Rabu Mazda is the alter ego of composer, vocalist and producer of electronic music and urban beats Leonardo Bindilatti. He was born in Brazil and grew up in Lisbon, spent his childhood in Rio de Mouro, his adolescence in Olaias, and is now a young adult in Barreiro. He was one of the founders of the Cafetra Records label and artist collective, and is currently also a member of the Putas Bêbadas band and the Iguanas duo.

G Fema
Rabu Mazda

Noites de Verão is a co-production between Filho Único, EGEAC, the Municipal Galleries of Lisbon and the National Museum of Contemporary Art.
Within the realm of the history of ideas related to the curatorial practice of music programming, the spirit that moves us is one of searching and valuing proposals that are nourished by a fulcrum and dynamo of research and aesthetic progression, around which musicians and concerts are organized.

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