Salon for the 21st Century – Festival Temps d´Images

Isabel Costa

Salon for the 21st Century is an art salon inhabited by human beings that spend their time trying to redefine their way of speaking, of talking. Nothing exists but their bodies and the slippery nature of their thoughts. In this room, we favor the conversations, the thought and the idleness that moves the world.

Isabel Costa works as an actress in theater and cinema, as stage director and curator. She finished her bachelor degree in theatre in Lisbon School of Theatre and Cinema, having completed her degree in Warwick University (England) and in Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). In 2016 she graduated on the Erasmus Mundus MA Crossways in Cultural Narratives, her studies focused on the object of performance art and new curatorial practices.

Since 2014 has been part of the Portuguese theatre company “Os Possessos”. In cinema, worked with Miguel Clara Vasconcelos, Miguel Nunes, Guilherme Daniel, Pedro Neves Marques and Leonor Noivo. In 2017 she presented the work “Green House – A New Sphere of Relationships” at Bienal de Jovens Criadores (Bienial of Young Artists) (CPAI). In 2018 she signed the curatorship of “Projeto Manifesta”. In 2019 she developed the performances “Manifesto Marathon” and “Salon For the 21st Century”. In 2020/21 she signs the curatorship of the “Ciclo de Reenactments – Performance Arte Portuguesa”, in Plataforma Revólver. She collaborates with Plataforma Revólver and with the art magazine Artecapital.

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