Words are made of flowers – New Portuguese Letters: reading, dialogue, manifestation.

Gisela Casimiro

Galerias Municipais at Lisbon Art Weekend

The exhibition Novas Novas Cartas Portuguesas was organized on the 50th anniversary of Novas Cartas Portuguesas, a collection of letters written collectively by Maria Isabel Barreno (1939-2016), Maria Teresa Horta (1937) and Maria Velho da Costa (1938-2020) and characterized by the authors as “unclassifiable”.

For the workshop that will take place in the exhibition space, Gisela Casimiro proposes a reading and group conversation about some texts from Novas Cartas Portuguesas. The reading is followed by a writing exercise, inspired by the texts, the motivations, and experiences of each participant, by the exhibition that is on view at the Quadrum Gallery. In addition, Casimiro´s experiences of censorship around the poem “Aviso” and the anthology “Re-Constituição Portuguesa” will inform the participants in the creation of manifest-poems for a common revolution

Gisela Casimiro (Guinea-Bissau, 1984) is a Portuguese writer, artist, performer, and activist. She has published “Erosão” and texts in several magazines and anthologies. Her work is translated into Turkish, Mandarin, German, and Spanish. She has been invited to literary festivals in Portugal, Turkey, Macau, Mozambique, Germany, Cape Verde, and Spain. She has performed with Ana Borralho & João Galante, Mala Voadora, Romeo Castellucci, Cristina Carvalhal and Raquel André. Her text “House with Trees Inside” was directed by Cláudia Semedo and presented at Teatro Municipal Amélia Rey Colaço. She has participated in exhibitions at Armário, Balcony, and the Galerias Municipais of Porto, Almada and Lisbon. Her work is part of the António Cachola Collection. She was part of INMUNE and moderated the cycle of conversations “Temos de Falar” at Livraria Barata between 2021 and 2022. She is currently an external member of the board of FCSH/UNL and of UNA – União Negra das Artes.

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Curated by
– 26.02.2023
Novas Novas Cartas Portuguesas
Audun Alvestad, Aura, Fabiana Faleiros, Sara Graça, Rita Moreira, Delphine Seyrig, Caio Amado Soares, Francisca Sousa, Aleta Valente
Tobi Maier
Quadrum Gallery