“Your Money and Your Life” at Museu do Dinheiro

Fábio Colaço, José Pardal Pina and Tobi Maier

On the occasion of the exhibition Your Money and Your Life by Claire Fontaine, we invite you for a guided tour to Portugal´s Money Museum with Margarida Sampaio. Following the visit, architect and editor José Rui Pardal Pina and artist Fábio Colaço, who collaborated for the current issue of Portuguese art magazine Umbigo, will be in conversation and introduce Signs. Signs is a series of graphic symbols designed by Fábio Colaço, which connects the six strongest and most used international currencies with the idea of ​​infinity. The work stems from a collaboration between the artist and the Money Museum and is an attempt to establish critical thinking about the production of contemporary art and museology within scientific and cultural institutions in Portugal. Following this rationale, the artist draws an inquiring look at the value of money, its role in making decisions on a macro or micro level and in national and global politics. The discussion will also consider the kind of financial Darwinism that has come to occupy worldwide debates. Another underlying current is the notion of money as a fetishist object, at our mercy and pleasure, or, alternatively, money as an available god for those who have everything or a desire for those who have nothing.


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– 05.01.2020
Your Money and Your Life
Claire Fontaine
Anna Daneri
Avenida da Índia Gallery