An incantation fixed at its culminating point

Inês Geraldes Cardoso

“An incantation fixed at its culminating point”, curated by Inês Geraldes Cardoso, is the third exhibition held within the scope of Open Call – Young Curators, launched by the Municipal Galleries / EGEAC, in 2016, with the aim of welcoming, disseminating and support the contemporary artistic production and thought in the city of Lisbon. For this collective show, works by Kasia Fudakowski, Navine G. Dossos, Rachel Pimm and Zoë Paul were selected and showed for the first time in Portugal. It was on display at the Municipal Gallery of Boavista between 16 november and 31 december of 2017. The publication concerning this project brings together texts by Sara Antónia Matos, Inês Geraldes Cardoso and Kasia Fudakowski.

“As curator Inês Geraldes Cardoso explains, the title of the exhibition is based on surrealist author Roger Caillois’ definition of mimicry. «If, on the one hand, mimicry is a strategic defense mechanism, on the other, it poses risks to those who try to assimilate.» This is particularly evident in the relation of the subject to the spatial or circumstantial setting of their attempted mimicry.”
–Sara Antónia Matos

“Shown for the first time in Portugal, Kasia Fudakowski, Navine G. Khan-Dossos, Zoë Paul and Rachel Pimm play on the aesthetic allure of mimesis: viewers are prompted to interrupt moments of visual incantantion, and consider the issues implicated in processes of impersonation, re-enactment, metamorphosis, assimilation and invisibility. In dialogue with one another, the works question the contemporary relevance of passing for someone or something else, and, in that process, disappearing.”
–Inês Geraldes Cardoso

“To be performed at the opening of an exhibition where the artist, who is present, has appropriated a certain cultural aesthetic not necessarily belonging to them. Both the artist and the interviewer must not share the same first language, but must share a second language. While this script is provided in English here, the interview must be conducted in the participants’ agreed second language.”
–Kasia Fudakowski

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Curated by
– 31.12.2017
An incantation fixed at its culminating point
Kasia Fudakowski, Navine G. Khan-Dossos, Rachel Pimm, Zoë Paul 
Inês Geraldes Cardoso
Boavista Gallery