Miguel Branco

This publication follows on from Miguel Branco’s homonymous exhibition, which was held at the Pavilhão Branco between 28 September and 13 November 2011. In addition to photographic documentation with views of the exhibition and the works presented, it contains an essay by Bernardo Pinto de Almeida, curator of the exhibition. There are two separate editions of this publication, one in Portuguese, with a beige or red cover, and another in English.

“These most recent works by Miguel Branco, making their exhibition premier here, render clear the signs that were already becoming increasingly clear in earlier series but transported here to a different logic, a different scale and a different situation. We may summarise some of these signs through a few brief references. Among them, a similar worship of strangeness and the attentive contemplation of how much this disturbs us within the apparently stable interior; a deep feeling of questioning of past works of art – whether this be the archaeological or the artistic – a desire to prospect for the forms to come; or, furthermore, observation from the heart of the actual (the now and the here), of the simultaneous presence of many times and many places.”

-Bernardo Pinto de Almeida

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