Lisboa Como Metáfora

This publication accompanies the exhibition Lisboa como Metáfora [Lisbon as a Metaphor], a project by Antonia Gaeta with Alexandra Ferreira & Bettina Wind, Miguel Faro, Nikolai Nekh and Pedro Barateiro. Lisboa Como Metáfora was on view between December 1, 2010 and January 30, 2011 at Galeria Quadrum. In addition to the photographic record of exhibition views and the works exhibited, this volume features an essay by the curator.  

 “Far from being a uniform exhibition, “Lisboa como Metáfora” has enabled artists to question aesthetic, ethical and political values without, however, attempting to provide conclusions in the form of knowledge. Consequently, the works presented are constituent pieces of fictional constructions, passages from the imaginary to the real or from fiction to history, thereby seeking to affirm a sphere of liberty and critical power.”   

– Antonia Gaeta

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