Somos Nós Que Mudamos Quando Tomamos Efetivamente Conhecimento do Outro 

Nuno Sousa Vieira

This publication accompanies the homonymous exhibition by Nuno Sousa Viera, which took place at Pavilhão Branco between 26 November 2011 and 5 February 2012. In addition to photographic documentation with exhibition views and the works presented, this volume also contains texts by João Silvério and Jacopo Crivelli Visconti.

“The way in which the whole project for the exhibition was thought and developed shifts the primacy of the exhibition to a relational level, and of equivalence, with the studio. As a space of experimentation, in the sense that what can be seen, what will be exhibited, is a set of works that, although designed and considered specifically for Pavilhão Branco’s rooms, recall spaces and references of the industrial building where the studio was born: the Simala plastic factory. Thus, the difference this relational level establishes is in the modus operandi, as operative tool, that the artist exerts on the viewer as visitor and actor in a tour.”
– João Silvério

“Contemporary interventions on works and materials enriched by years or even centuries of history have become, in recent years, common practice in artistic production but Nuno Sousa Vieira’s case is, from this point of view, special: his intervention is surgical, precise, as if he did not grant himself the luxury of a personal, original, unique and unrepeatable action, finding it more fair and respectful to stay in the almost scientific margins of an activity that can be described, analysed and potentially repeated.”
– Jacopo Crivelli Visconti

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