Armanda Duarte

This publication accompanies the exhibition Tambor by Armanda Duarte, which was on view at Galerias Municipais’ Pavilhão Branco between July 22 and October 23, 2015. This volume consists of two parts: the transcription of a conversation between the artist and Nuno Crespo, and a second chapter, which features installation views from the exhibition and reproductions of the works presented.

“The exhibition Tambor (Drum), presented at the Pavilhão Branco in Lisbon, embodies this poetic economy, which is driven principally by observation and listening. It is a world in which objects serve merely as elements that provoke and enable a sensory experience. Her [Armanda Duarte ‘s] “things”, her art and her objects do not constitute ends in themselves, yet their vitality stems from the way in which they open up the possibility of transforming matter, as ordinary and uniform as might be, into something poetic.”
– Nuno Crespo

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Curated by
– 21.02.2016
Armanda Duarte
Pavilhão Branco