This is a Bar… ou Praia de Banhos

Catalogue of the group exhibition This is a Bar… or Praia de Banhos – Joaquim Bravo, Tourism and the Algarve (curated by Diogo Pinto), which was on view at Galerias Municipais – Pavilhão Branco from 14 April to 21 August 2022. This publication includes an essay by Diogo Pinto and Mariana Tilly, an introductory text by Tobi Maier, artist biographies and photographs of the exhibition and of the works on view.

“If tourism is a key economic factor associated with several regions in this country, it is a virtue of Pinto’s endeavor, to toy with the analogies between the artistic activities that stem from tourism and those that could see beyond the mere exploitation of natural landscape for monetary benefits and continue to inspire into the present.”
– Tobi Maier

“In parallel, the tenor carried through the curatorial endeavour of This is a Bar… ou Praia de Banhos – Joaquim Bravo, Turismo e o Algarve, was one of resistance against a crystalized vision of the selected artists’ oeuvre. Favouring “mistakes”, the unfinished and the overlooked, the exhibition tries to avoid the echoing of expected narratives that build upon static historical cues. The estate, the archive and overall memories are gathered and composed as a web of nuanced reactions in a contemporary society of acculturation.”

– Diogo Pinto & Mariana Tilly

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Curated by
– 21.08.2022
This is a Bar… ou Praia de Banhos – Joaquim Bravo, Turismo e o Algarve
Joaquim Bravo and Álvaro Lapa, António da Cunha Telles, António Palolo, BRANA, Cristina Motta, João Cutileiro, Jorge Mealha, José Miranda Justo, Maria Altina Martins, Patrícia Almeida, Peter Jones, Rosa Jones, Vera Gonçalves, Xana, Zé Ventura
Diogo Pinto
Pavilhão Branco