Bruno Pacheco

Catalogue edited by Galerias Municipais, in partnership with Documenta, dedicated to the exhibition Vaivém, by the artist Bruno Pacheco, which was on show at Galeria Quadrum between October 2018 and January 2019, with a bipartite essay by the curator Bruno Marchand.

“(…) even though Bruno Pacheco has not refrained from exerting his influence via the choices he has made regarding the inner organisation of each book, it is indisputable that everything he has henceforth planned had the purpose of creating conditions that would reduce to a minimum the effects of any curatorial or institutional intervention, leaving in the viewer’s hands all the tools necessary for the free and unrestricted management of their experience. A new form of reading; the intimation of a radical sharing that turns the viewer into an accomplice, much more than just a witnessing body.


(…) what Bruno Pacheco is attempting to do with these tables and books does not compromise the essence of his work: the construction of a pictorial corpus that critically and sensitively engages with us in its double condition as a group of images cut out of the world and a group of skins coating a surface. What they do to confer – and to otherwise unimaginable scales, levels and complexities – is the play of recognition, evocation and strangeness all his works offer us.”

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Curated by
– 13.01.2019
Bruno Pacheco
Bruno Marchand
Quadrum Gallery