Almost Blue

Maria Trabulo

This catalogue accompanies the solo exhibition Almost Blue by Maria Trabulo, which was on view at Galeria da Boavista between 26 October 2018 and 6 January 2019. This volume includes texts by the curators Sara Antónia Matos and Pedro Faro and a conversation between the artist and Remco Torenbosch. Each copy is accompanied by a small-format edition produced by the artist that is similar to the works from the “Wine Dark Sea” series (2018) that were exhibited in the exhibition Almost Blue.

“As the artist explained, going beyond blue is asking respondents to define the sea beyond its formal appearance, seeking to encompass others’ personal experiences with the sea or the ocean, and thus, current global historical and geopolitical issues and social events.”

– Sara Antónia Matos e Pedro Faro

“Remco Torenbosch: During your project Almost Blue you visited multiple sites in the Mediterranean, you spoke to locals and temporary visitors. Could you tell me about how these encounters came about? One thing we have in common is our interest in the abstraction that arises from certain political and economic pressure. What can you say about your use of the colour blue?

Maria Trabulo: I was always fascinated by the constant variation of shades of blue and green that bodies of water acquire throughout the day and between regions. Furthermore, the phenomenon of light retraction that stains the water blue and green, yet then upon closer inspection is transparent and colourless always intrigued me.”

– Remco Torenbosch and Maria Trabulo

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Curated by
– 06.01.2019
Almost Blue
Maria Trabulo
Sara Antónia Matos, Pedro Faro
Boavista Gallery