On the edge of the landscape comes the world

Catalogue of the group exhibition On the edge of the landscape comes the world, which was on view at the Pavilhão Branco between 30 June and 31 August 2021, and has been curated by the collective of curators of the Postgraduate Course in Art Curatorship at Universidade Nova in Lisbon. This edition brings together texts by Tobi Maier, from the curators’ collective, with individual texts by some of its members, as well as photographic reproductions of the exhibited works. Graphic design by João Drumond and visual essay by Sonja Câmara.

“The group exhibition Na margem da paisagem vem o mundo and the texts that compose this accompanying publication portray the exuberant landscape, oceanic memory, and the creativity radiating from the archipelago. The collaboration with the group of curating students from the Universidade Nova in Lisbon to conceive the exhibition Na margem da paisagem vem o mundo in an exercise that lasted almost one year, manifests an analogy between the educational and outreach practices that are also inherent to the DNA of Porta33.”  

– Tobi Maier 

“Human construction also consists of silences, while being hungry for the words that the creative discourse can echo. This experience of the outside offers a stage to the freedom of new individuations, with perspectives of infinity. We sought to insert this discourse into an exhibition that is itself an island, so that the fictionalised landscape could be drawn. The works on view here may refer to the island, but they do not seek to be conditioned by it. Speculations give rise to new relations, while archipelagos of meaning emerge. A celebrations of otherness.” 

– Curators collective 

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Curated by
– 31.08.2021
On the edge of the landscape comes the world
Bruno Côrte, Ção Pestana, Carolina Vieira, Dayana Lucas, Duarte Ferreira, Filipa Martins, Hélder Folgado, Hugo Brazão, Hugo Olim, Joana Viveiros, Mariana Marote, Miguel Ângelo Martins, Nuno Henrique, Ricardo Barbeito, Sara Rodrigues, Tiago Casanova, Vítor Magalhães
Collective of Curators from the Post-Graduate Course in Art Curatorship at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, NOVA University of Lisbon
Pavilhão Branco