António Bolota

Catalog of the exhibition Assentamento [Settlement] by António Bolota, which was on display at Galeria Quadrum, between february 2 and april 14, 2019, curated by Sara Antónia Matos. With texts by the curator and Ana Anacleto, this publication addresses the exhibition, as well as presenting images of the process and assembly.

“What makes a work of art continue to echo through time? But more than that, why continue to make sculpture? António Bolota’s intervention at Galeria Quadrum is a sculpture about time and survival within it. The strong presence of this work, the effect of its integral weight and materiality, of its geometric elements expressed through its volumes, arises from the facilitation of a game of verticalities and horizontalities, images of life and death.”
– Sara Antónia Matos

““Assentamento” was deposited there – in an action that we understand to be temporary -, assuming its horizontal position in what we understand to be a deliberate choice of height, at eye level. Its positioning in space, and in relation to it, only allows the viewer to move around its perimeter, and it is this extreme restriction that enables it to be free of artifice, preventing it from becoming a gesture loaded with rhetorical sophistication, allowing it to assert itself as a simple and disconcerting expression of human intelligence.”
– Ana Anacleto

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Curated by
– 14.04.2019
António Bolota
Sara Antónia Matos
Quadrum Gallery