Bad Behaviuouor

Adriana Proganó

Catalogue of Adriana Proganó´s exhibition BAD BEHAVIUOUOR, which was on view at Galeria da Boavista between September 12 and November 10, 2019. This publication includes texts by the curators Sara Antónia Matos and Pedro Faro and by Lígia Afonso.

“Adriana Proganó’ artistic and visual universe is inhabited by latent and explicit emotions, which daringly express and give substance to the idea of pleasure, irony, joy, desire, courage and despair. The narrative ambiguity of these works derives from the artist’s eagerness to explore the inherent contra-dictions involved in modern-day identity construction, fighting the principle of ‘good behaviour’ and the rigidity of social conventions.”
– Sara Antónia Matos e Pedro Faro

“Presenting a world of exuberant, magical and dynamic events, in vibrant and psychedelic colours, they attest to the joy of a free spirit and the excitement of creating lively painting. Moved by a sensory perception and altered by the power of excessive imagination, Proganó has an innate and overly stimulated ability to produce and control mental images.”
-Lígia Afonso

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Curated by
– 10.11.2019
Adriana Proganó
Sara Antónia Matos and Pedro Faro
Boavista Gallery