Nudez – Uma Invariante

Pedro Morais

This catalogue has been published accompanying the exhibition Nudez – Uma Invariante [Nudez – An Invariant] by Pedro Morais, which was on view at Pavilhão Branco, between January 28th and April 1st, 2018. This volume contains photographic documentation of the exhibition and the works presented, as well as texts by Sara Antónia Matos, Pedro Morais and Óscar Faria, the curator of this exhibition.

“Almost always in the form of penetrable structures, cells and cubicles, this artist’s pieces-installations require time and silence, an intimate and subtle process in which the faintest phenomena unfold in front of our gaze, revealing the dimension of loss that is inherent to experience.”
– Sara Antónia Matos

“It was through the legacy of painting that I saw what has always been here: this – the halo of each colour. I remember Mahâkâshyapa’s smile when Shâkyamuni beckoned with a flower.”
– Pedro Morais

“Pedro Morais’s work, developed over more than 50 years, awaits greater visibility within the history of Portuguese art. His career demands it. There is a before- and after-Paris. Ephemeral, discreet, humorous, the work of this artist participates directly in the construction of a way of silence, of poverty, at the antipodes of current art.”
– Óscar Faria

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Curated by
– 01.04.2018
Nakedness – an invariant
Pedro Morais
Óscar Faria
Pavilhão Branco