Pacific Meridian

Eugénia Mussa

This publication accompanies the exhibition Pacific Meredian by Eugénia Mussa which was on view at Galeria Quadrum between January 20 and March 26, 2017. In addition to the photographic documentation of the works presented, this volume also contains texts by the exhibition curator Giulia Lamoni as well as Sara Antónia Matos and Cristiana Tejo.

“The often-solitary images and visual phenomena of Eugenia Mussa’s work arise from the spontaneous, intuitive interplay of lines, surfaces and color contrasts, giving visibility to two overarching narratives or affiliations – the figurative and the abstract – which the artist unapologetically brings together in her work.”
– Sara Antónia Matos

“As a whole, the work of Eugenia Mussa seems to resist the specific categories of “abstract” and “figurative”. In Meridiano Pacífico [Pacific Meridian], “abstract” works of different formats on paper and one canvas enter into dialogue with “figurative” pieces representing everyday objects. If the use of color may be thought of as a one of the more discernible and perhaps most affecting sources of continuity among the different works that make up the exhibition, the practice of drawing is another perhaps more subtle constant across the artist’s output.”
– Giulia Lamoni

“The collection of works included in the Meridiano Pacífico [Pacific Meridian] exhibition welcomes the abstract and the figurative, but I would venture to say that this may be a false dichotomy for Eugénia. She says she prefers to create an air of mystery, to leave her paintings open to interpretation and imagination.”
– Cristiana Tejo

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Curated by
– 26.03.2017
Pacific Meridian
Eugénia Mussa
Giulia Lamoni
Quadrum Gallery