Intervalo” [Timeout] – Part II

The “Intervalo” [Timeout] film programme proposes, in the context of the exhibition “Prospectus. Principle, Middle and Ultimatum”, to look at the technological aspects related to work in Portugal in the 20th century, from pre- to post-industrial, and the social and political processes directly or indirectly related to it. This selection of documentaries, proposed by sociologist Luísa Veloso and historian Frédéric Vidal, is the result of a research project that both are developing at the Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology of ISCTE on the representation of work in Portuguese cinema with the collaboration of the Cinemateca Portuguesa – Museu do Cinema.

These films share the fact that they were made immediately before and after 25 April 1974. They are portraits of work with a clear political and ideological connotation, considering portuguese society marked by ongoing events, as well as of the work committed by filmmakers to the establishment of the democratic regime and the difficulties experienced by workers.

Lúcia e Conceição [Lúcia and Conceição]
Portugal, 1974
Directed by: Cinequipa (non credited by Fernando Matos Silva) for the series: “Ver e Pensar” (RTP); Collaborated by: João Alfacinha da Silva, Octávio Espírito Santo, Carlos Alberto Lopes, José Luís Carvalhosa; Com: Lúcia e Conceição and the inhabitants of the village of Maia, in the Azores; Production: Cinequipa, Radiotelevisão Portuguesa – RTP; Duration: 26 minutes.

1º de Maio de 1982 – Dia Internacional dos Trabalhadores [1 May 1982 – International Workers’ Day]
Portugal, 1982
Realization: Forum; Production: Forum; 27 min. CGTP-IN Archive / Cooperative for production, distribution and exhibition of SCARL films (Forum).

Emigrantes Portugueses [Portuguese Emigrants]
Portugal, 1972/73
Directed by: Nuno Cintra Torres; Production: Cinearma; Producer: Nuno Cintra Torres; 24 min.

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– 09.04.2017
Prospectus. Beginning, Middle and Finishing
André Guedes
Juan de Nieves
Pavilhão Branco